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Bocatheva Venezuelan Rum 15 yo Full Proof 0,7l 62%


A truly exceptional rum enclosed in a one-of-a-kind bottle with this exclusive Limited Edition Bocatheva 15 years Full Proof. This extraordinary rum, a “brut de fût” spirit, undergoes no dilution with water after distillation. Hailing from Venezuela, this molasses-based gem matures solely in American oak barrels within the country’s borders. The Romana and Cubana sugar canes, harvested just once annually from December to May, are meticulously gathered day and night, with the morning harvest holding a higher concentration of sweetness.

Crafting this delicious nectar requires 2.24Kg of molasses to yield a single liter of the finest rum. The fermentation process extends between 12 to 16 hours, and the distillation employs a meticulous four-column method. The rum then matures in barrels at approximately 65% volume before undertaking an aging journey within Venezuela’s tropical climate, resulting in an exotic aroma and delightful smoothness. Like before, it retains its “brut de fût” nature, meaning no water is incorporated post-distillation.

Tasting Notes:

Deep and captivating amber hue.

Exuding powerful and intense fragrances.

An intricate blend of dried fruits and preserved jams.

Remarkably long and gracefully elegant.

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