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C. Dr. Nequi no.9, 1 Pis B,

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Southern Comfort


In 1874, Southern Comfort was brought to life by a visionary who walked his own path. M.W. Heron pondered why whiskey needed to be harsh and overwhelming. He envisioned a smoother, more delightful alternative. Blending stone fruits and spices, his recipe birthed an iconic American flavor.

Today, almost 150 years later, Southern Comfort remains as distinctive as ever. It’s satisfying on its own and a delightful addition to any mixed drink. No other spirit accommodates your preferences quite like it, no matter the manner in which you enjoy it or the company you keep.

This is whiskey redefining its own essence, crafted for your enjoyment. WE REDEFINED THE RULES OF WHISKEY.

Southern Comfort has been crafted with traditional American expertise since 1874, and we’ve added our own unique twists. Whether you’re drawn to whiskey, bourbon, liqueurs, or simply delicious drinks, your spirit finds its match with us. Ours is a story woven with history and intrigue, a seamless blend of facts and tales. So grab a bottle and a companion; this story is still unfolding.


The Birth of a Legend. M.W. Heron introduces the world to his signature blend of whiskey, fruits, and spices. The world of spirits is forever transformed.

What’s in a Name? Records reveal that M.W. initially named his creation “Cuffs and Buttons.” As its popularity grows, he officially changes it to “Southern Comfort.” (A wise decision.)

The Golden Years. Southern Comfort earns a gold medal at the 1900 Paris Exposition. M.W. opens a legendary drinking club in St. Louis that gains nationwide fame.

Southern Comfort Makes History.

Prohibition Challenges. The US enforces alcohol prohibition on January 17, 1920. M.W. Heron passes away just months later, possibly due to a broken heart. The brand revives after the repeal.

Reaching New Heights. Southern Comfort supports freedom, as American B-17 bombers proudly bear its name during WWII.

Masters of Hosting. Post-World War II America embraces entertainment, prompting Southern Comfort to release its iconic recipe and party guides, catering to whiskey enthusiasts everywhere.

Southern Comfort stands as one of the most recognized whiskeys, a choice for those who live life on their terms.

Rock and Comfort. Rock icons like Janis Joplin embrace Southern Comfort, introducing the spirit to a new generation. The company expresses gratitude with a fur coat.

Spirit-based RTDs launch in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and other parts of Europe. To diversify our offerings, we’ve introduced eleven ready-to-drink expressions, tailored to each geographical region. While a US RTD line isn’t available yet, our commitment to innovation extends to creating a US RTD.

Homecoming. Southern Comfort reconnects with its New Orleans heritage, returning the recipe to its original whiskey roots.

Introduced Southern Comfort Malt 42 proof offering. In response to the demand for convenient shopping locations offering Southern Comfort, including stores limited to beer, malt beverages, and wine, we’ve unveiled a fantastic-tasting malt product and an exceptional wine-based product under the Southern Comfort brand name.