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Whisky Armorik: the best of French Brittany.

Nestled in the rugged and picturesque landscape of Brittany, France, is a distillery that is making waves in the whisky world: Armorik. This artisan distillery, deeply rooted in the Celtic traditions of the region, produces exceptional malt and blended whiskies that capture the essence of this unique corner of France.

The beginnings

Whisky Armorik is the creation of the Warenghem distillery, a family business that has been producing spirits since 1900. Founded by Léon Warenghem, the distillery originally produced liqueurs, including the famous Crème de Cassis de Bretagne. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, they decided to enter the world of whisky, a decision that would change the distillery’s destiny forever.

Craft and innovation

One of the hallmarks of Armorik whisky is its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The distillery prides itself on using traditional Celtic methods, including open fermentation, to create a whisky that reflects the Breton terroir. The distillery draws its water from the nearby Breton mountains, giving its spirits a unique character.

Armorik whisky offers a wide range of expressions, from its classic single malt to its experimental versions, underlining the distillery’s versatility. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or a curious newcomer, there’s an Armorik whisky to suit your palate.

Prizes and awards

Armorik whisky has received international recognition and numerous awards, confirming its place among the world’s finest whiskies. Its dedication to quality and innovation has not gone unnoticed by whisky lovers and connoisseurs alike. Every sip of Armorik whisky is a journey through the rich culture and history of Brittany, making it an essential whisky for anyone looking for a unique and tasty experience.


Armorik whisky is a fusion of tradition and innovation. With its deep Celtic roots, commitment to quality and unique approach to whisky making, Armorik has firmly established itself as a rising star in the world of spirits. Armorik is a name to be reckoned with, whether you’re looking for a taste of Britain or a fine whisky to savour.


46% – 70cl

Matured in oloroso sherry casks

Armorik Sherry is fully matured in Oloroso Sherry casks. These casks, traditionally used in Scotch whisky, were used to make sherry wine, a cousin of Pineau des Charentes. This Armorik is therefore characterized by spicy notes and candied fruits that enhance the characteristic fruitiness of Armorik. It brings together Breton and Andalusian influences for a generous taste.

Made from organically grown French barley and distilled in our traditional pot stills, it shows our desire to create an exceptional single malt that reflects the Breton character: a rich and fruity whisky, respectful of the environment.

Gold medalist at the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017” and “International Spirits Challenge 2021” and silver medalist at the “Concours Général Agricole 2019”.


Intense, fine and elegant, subtly marked by the sherry. The sweetness of vanilla and citrus fruits is enhanced by a touch of menthol and dried fruits.


Well-balanced, round, with notes of crème brûlée, prune and roasted almonds.


Vanilla, spices, with warm sherry notes.


46% – 70cl

Matured in Breton oak casks, followed by oloroso sherry casks.

As a symbol of the distillery’s values, this Armorik highlights both the quality of its know-how and its attachment to the Breton terroir. From a partnership with a local cooper, the distillery has drawn unique casks made of Breton oak. Armorik Double Maturation is matured in these barrels for many years before being transferred to sherry casks for a second maturation.

Made from organically grown french barley and distilled in our traditional pot stills, it shows our desire to create an exceptional single malt that reflects the breton character: a rich and fruity whisky, respectful of the environment.

It was awarded “Best European Single Malt Whisky” at the 2013 World Whiskies Awards and “Double Gold” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Nice balance between the fruity notes of mirabelle and citrus, and a spicy and vanilla side.


Soft and round attack on honey, the complexity of the product is then revealed with spicy notes, woodiness and ripe fruits in a beautiful volume.


Very long, with notes of spices, cookies and orange jam.


46% – 70cl

The Legend

Located in the Monts d’Arrée, in the heart of the Armorique Natural Park, the Yeun Elez is a swamp considered in Breton legends as the Gateway to Hell.

According to the legend reported by Anatole Le braz, it is the place where the evil souls who haunted the living were thrown into hell. Tadic-Coz knew the secret and the ritual of locking souls of ghosts in the body of a black dog. He instructed young Jobic to guide the dog towards the underworld gates. The latter, going from presbytery to presbytery, led the black dog to the rector of Commana. Together, at sunset, they threw the black dog into the Yeun Elez swamp, condemning the ghost to hell.

Peated whisky, Yeun Elez Jobic

Launch in September 2020, Yeun Elez is the result of the distillery’s foray into peated territories. We offer you a peated variation of our Armorik single malt : we use Scottish 50 ppm peated malted barley, water from our own source and our artisanal know-how. Breton Single Malt whisky, it has been distilled and matured to highlights its delicate, elegant, and fruity peat.

Using our traditional pot stills, we strive to create an exceptional single malt that reflects the Breton character.

Maturation : Bourbon casks

The particularity of peated whisky : peat, an organic material used as a combustible when malted barley is dried. Peat gives to the whisky smoky flavors that appeal to many whisky lovers.

Our Yeun Elez was awarded Best French Whisky Single Malt at the World Whiskies Awards 2020 and received a Gold Medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris in 2022.


Beautiful aromatic intensity, the peat is medicinal (camphor, cloves) but supported by fruity notes, bananas, cooked peaches and pastry (cream pastry).


The smoke rounds the palate, citrus notes bringing freshness. Nice roudness with a hint of salinity.


A lingering, iodized and spicy finish, ending with a warm wood fire.


46% – 70cl

Maturation : Matured in Bourbon and Sherry CasksAvailability ­: Limited edition – 3000 bottles

The first bottling with an age reference in the Armorik range, Armorik 10 Years Old is the result of two decades of work. A blend of single malts aged in Bourbon and Oloroso Sherry casks, it has matured patiently in our warehouses for at least 10 long years. It expresses a new evolution of the fruity characteristic of the Armorik distillate: a balance between power and roundness, sublimated by an explosion of exotic fruits.

“Best French Whisky” at the World Whiskies Awards 2020.


Rich and complex, with a nice balance between fruity and sweet. The fruity notes (apricot, candied orange) are followed by pepper, almond, sublimated by a light touch of peat and Sherry.


Fruity attack on citrus fruits and coffee. The roundness comes then with honey, aromatic plants and a touch of smoke.


Very long, sweet with a touch of honey, saline, with notes of mahogany and pepper.


46% – 70cl

Roof Rye is a 100% French rye whisky. It is distilled by the Warenghem distillery in Brittany, where it ages for several years in sherry casks. It then undergoes a second two-year aging in new American oak barrels in Provence. This second aging in sheet metal cellars with phenomenal thermal amplitudes gives it an aromatic power of exceptional intensity. It can be enjoyed pure, but also in pre-prohibition cocktails such as the Sazerac, the Manhattan or the Old Fashioned.
Nose: aromas of vanilla, caramel, dried herbs or cut hay
Palate: soft and round with a frank and persistent finish



46% – 70cl
Maturation : Matured in 1st fill Sherry Oloroso casks
Availability­: Limited edition – 996 bouteilles

For its fifteenth edition, the Festival du Chant de Marin de Paimpol has decided to cooperate with our distillery on a unique edition.

Armorik Festival Chant de Marin is an exclusive edition bottled for the eponym festival organised in the very charming maritime town of Paimpol. A fishermen town, from where the ships were cruising to Iceland, North Canada…

Full maturation of 1st fill Sherry Oloroso Casks it spotlights the typicity of these traditional casks, historically brought to Scotland by boat. The vatting of Spanish oaks for their old woody and spicy notes is enhanced with American oak to underline the fruity character of Armorik.

Distilled in August 2014, bottled in april 2021.


Intense and powerful, develop fruits aromas (pear, prunes) followed by warm woody notes, recalls old wooden floor smells.


This Armorik shows a great richness and ‘’gourmandise’’, developping to dried fruits and spices from the Spanish oak. You also get hint of bitter sweet chocolate.


The sherry Olorso emerges for an elegant and warm final, lengthen by little pepper touches.


46% – 70cl
: Matured in breton oak casks
Availability : Limited edition – 2 000 bottles

“Dervenn” means oak in Breton language. The distillery has been innovating for 15 years in cooperation with the last Breton cooper in order to create oak barrels from our beautiful Breton forests. Armorik Dervenn is matured in these unique casks, developing subtle woody and spicy aromas. It was awarded “Best French Single Malt Whisky” at the World Whiskies Awards 2017.

For this Armorik Dervenn, we have selected these unique casks to express the quintessence of the Breton terroir. It develops subtle woody and spicy aromas, magnifying the rich and fruity distillate of Armorik.


Rich and complex, a nice balance between leather notes and fruity aromas (peach).


Great mouthfeel, very round and sweet. Smoky notes mixing with fruits. Leatherier and liquorice notes are developing afterwards.


Long and spicy, it reveals the smokiness of the Dervenn.


46% – 70cl

Maturation : 15 years (9 years in Bourbon casks and 6 years in Sherry casks)
Availability ­: Limited edition – 730 bottles

A few years after the launch of our Armorik 10 yo, the distillery reveals a little more the extent of the possibilities offered by the several thousand casks stored in Lannion. Being the first 15 years old French Whisky and proposed in a limited edition of 1500 bottles each year, this Armorik 15 yo becomes the 2nd bottling of our range with an age statement. It attests to our expertise and know-how about maturation, for over 20 years.
Bottled at 46%, this Armorik 15 years old has been matured for 9 years in Bourbon casks and transferred to Sherry Oloroso casks for 6 more years. “Armorik 15 years old has acquired with age a sort of elegant, aromatic fullness, while retaining the fruity freshness characteristic of our distillate.”

Rich and intense, the nose tends towards ripe exotic fruits (mango and passion). The maturity stands out with aromas of rancio and varnished wood. Sweet notes follow, with peach, honey, caramel and dried apricot. The whole ends on cumin and a fine touch of peat.


Sharp and sweet, the palate starts on fresh fruit (ripe pear, banana) and evolves towards a sweet touch of honeyed candy and exotic fruit. The fruitiness is enhanced by peppery and spicy notes of clove and cinnamon.


Long and warm, the finish swings between spicy and slightly smoky notes. It ends on a sweet note of peach jam.


45,2% – 70cl
Maturation : Matured in Sherry casks
Availability ­: Limited edition – 576 bottles

Armorik Single Cask 16 years old is the oldest whisky ever released by the distillery. Drawn from cask n°3308, it was kept in bourbon casks (December 2004 to August 2008) and then briefly in breton oak casks (August 2008 to October 2008), before maturing for 12 long years in Sherry casks in the silence and darkness of our cellars.

With this Armorik Single Cask 16 years old, one of the oldest casks of the distillery, we wish to share with you a moment of the distillery’s history. To celebrate the uniqueness of the oldest whisky bottled by the distillery, each bottle is numbered and adorned with a unique label reminiscent of the oak aging rings.


Rich and powerful. The age reveals itself on the nose (old brandy, woody). Notes of exotic fruits develop underlined by a touch of lavender. With time, the fruitiness of a ripe melon, coated with resinous honey. A light, thin touch of smoke completes the whole.


The palate is syrupy. The fruitiness of mango and flamed banana is followed by notes of waxed parquet. An intense orange marmalade stands out in the background.


The finish is long. Smoky notes are back and mingle with honey candy.