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C. Dr. Nequi no.9, 1 Pis B,

Mon-Sat 10:30-13:00

+376 694 589

Upper Ten

The Upper Ten Whisky: Elevating Tradition to Excellence

Immerse yourself in the world of The Upper Ten Whisky, a liquid embodiment of heritage, expertise, and uncompromising quality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to perfection, this exceptional whisky is a testament to the time-honored traditions that have defined its legacy.

Craftsmanship and Distillation:

The Upper Ten Whisky is the result of generations of master distillers who have honed their skills to create a whisky that stands apart. The distillation process is a symphony of art and science, where only the finest ingredients are carefully selected to ensure an exquisite final product. The precision of distillation ensures that every drop captures the essence of the brand’s legacy.

Flavor Profile:

Upon tasting The Upper Ten Whisky, a rich tapestry of flavors unfolds. The initial notes are characterized by a gentle warmth that introduces the palate to layers of complexity. Hints of oak provide a solid foundation, complemented by an interplay of warm spices that dance on the taste buds. Delicate undertones of ripe fruits add a touch of sweetness, creating a harmonious balance that lingers as the whisky evolves on the palate.


The Upper Ten Whisky is as versatile as it is refined. It’s a whisky designed to be enjoyed in various ways, catering to individual preferences. For those who appreciate the purity of flavor, savoring it neat offers a direct exploration of its intricate taste profile. On the rocks, The Upper Ten Whisky takes on a new dimension, as the chill slightly mellows its notes, enhancing the overall experience.

Cocktail Craftsmanship:

For mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts, The Upper Ten Whisky is an exquisite canvas for creativity. Its well-rounded character allows it to seamlessly integrate into classic cocktails or innovative concoctions, adding depth and sophistication to every creation.

Tradition Meets Modernity:

While rooted in tradition, The Upper Ten Whisky isn’t bound by the past. It represents a fusion of timeless craftsmanship and a modern approach to whisky appreciation. This balance ensures that it appeals to seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike, bridging generations with a shared appreciation for excellence.

An Invitation to Elegance:

Every bottle of The Upper Ten Whisky is an invitation to experience elegance. Whether enjoyed in solitude during reflective moments or shared among friends during celebratory gatherings, it enriches the atmosphere with its distinguished presence.

From the distillation process to the final pour, The Upper Ten Whisky is a tribute to the pursuit of perfection. It’s a journey through flavor, a nod to tradition, and an embodiment of excellence. Every sip is an immersion into the artistry of whisky-making, an experience that captures the essence of a legacy that continues to inspire and delight.