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C. Dr. Nequi no.9, 1 Pis B,

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The Birth of Swedish Whisky: A Collective Vision

In 1998, a group of eight friends found themselves in a remote mountain cabin, sparking an idea that would forever alter the landscape of Swedish whisky. United by their engineering studies and an annual tradition of reuniting in Sälen, these friends kindled a unique connection. This particular year, serendipitously, each brought along a bottle of whisky. Amidst their camaraderie, a question emerged: Why wasn’t there a Swedish malt whisky? And if conceivable, why had no one ventured into this territory?

The query lingered, eventually coalescing into a pioneering ambition – to craft the first Swedish malt whisky. The year that followed, 1999, marked the establishment of Mackmyra Svensk Whisky.

A Swedish Symphony in Every Sip

From inception, Mackmyra steadfastly pursued the creation of an inherently Swedish whisky. The journey commenced with locally sourced barley, spring water, and indigenous Swedish oak. A fortuitous discovery led to the development of a 30-litre cask, a smaller vessel enabling intensified maturation. Even the smoky recipe carries a distinct Swedish signature, as malted barley is hand-smoked with locally harvested peat and juniper twigs.

An iconoclastic twist occurred in the aging process. The whisky found its abode in the ancient Bodås Mine, nestled 50 meters below ground, a short distance from the distillery.

Harmonizing Tradition and Innovation: The Gravity Distillery

The revolutionary Gravity Distillery, an embodiment of Mackmyra’s commitment to modernity and environmental responsibility, materialized in 2011. Soaring 35 meters, the building’s very design reflects Mackmyra’s essence: playful, sensuous, and quality-focused.

This architectural marvel employs gravity at every stage of whisky production, from raw ingredients to the final product. It operates in harmony with nature, using bio-pellet-fired boilers and efficient recycling practices. Even waste, such as barley straw, finds purpose in local traditions.

A Symphony of Elements:

Mackmyra’s quest for whisky excellence is underscored by three pivotal elements: barley, water, and yeast. Barley, sourced from Swedish farms, is carefully transported to ensure minimal environmental impact. Pristine water from the estate’s pebble-bedded river, treated with UV light, adds its touch. Gravity is harnessed, guiding the journey from grain to spirit, with every stage benefiting from natural forces.

Sustainable Legacy:

Mackmyra’s commitment extends beyond the distillery walls. The brand embraces traceability, ensuring each bottle can be linked to its batch. Malted barley is meticulously crafted, smoked using local peat and juniper twigs. Waste water is channeled back to the bio-pellet-fired boiler, recycling at its core. The innovative Mackmyra legacy thrives in every sip, a testament to the power of collective vision and sustainable innovation.