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Loch Lomond Steam & Fire Single Malt Whisky 0.7l 46%


Crafted with fervor and inventive flair, this exceptional Single Malt Whisky undergoes a finishing process in heavily charred American Oak casks, a treatment that accentuates abundant nuances of molten brown sugar essence, alongside a sumptuously velvety texture graced with hints of orange and dark chocolate.

Steam & Fire’s single malt whisky embarks on a maturation journey encompassing three distinct varieties of American Oak casks, culminating in a 10-month finale within heavily charred casks, meticulously fired within our renowned on-site cooperage that has earned its own accolades. This expression embodies our distillery’s prowess in alchemy and engineering, a manifestation of our ceaseless exploration, experimentation, and mastery as artisans, distillers, and coopers.

Loch Lomond Steam & Fire not only showcases our multifaceted distillation process but also the bespoke, hand-charred casks emerging from our time-honored cooperage, resulting in an unequivocally distinctive and imaginative whisky.

Crafted utilizing spirit distilled through both our extraordinary straight neck and the more conventional swan neck stills, the resulting spirit is then nurtured within American oak casks, culminating in a finale within heavily charred casks, subjected to flames courtesy of our in-house cooperage. This charring process imparts an unparalleled complexity, amplifying the presence of melted brown sugar characteristics, while bestowing a luxuriously buttery mouthfeel accompanied by hints of orange and dark chocolate.

Tasting Notes


Toffee, apple, fudge, vanilla, and cinnamon.


Silken mouthfeel, resonating with notes of orange, peach, marmalade, coffee, melted brown sugar, and roasted marshmallow.


The finish lingers from medium to long, characterized by a dry profile with notes of rich dark chocolate and gentle wisps of smoke.



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