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Glen Scotia 25 YO Single Malt


Introducing the meticulously crafted 25-year-old whisky, which has undergone a delicate maturation process within the finest American oak barrels. Subsequently, it is harmoniously united within first-fill bourbon casks before being elegantly bottled. The distinct aroma carries nuances of vanilla oak intricately woven together with subtle suggestions of sea spray and the enticing essence of spicy aromatic fruits. Bottled at a robust 48.8% ABV, this exquisite creation remains unadulterated by added color or the process of chill-filtration, staying true to its natural form.


Alcohol by Volume: 48.8%
Volume: 70cl
Visual Presentation: Presented in its natural, unaltered hue
Age: Aged for a quarter of a century, 25 years of refinement
Filtration: Meticulously preserved with its non-chill filtered status

Tasting Experience:

A invigorating Atlantic breeze imparts a robust maritime influence.

Coastal winds infuse notes of ripe red apple and tangy orange peel, complemented by the indulgent essence of vanilla syrup and the delicate embrace of caramel sweetness.

An enduring finish resonates with the essence of lingering sea salt and a spirited hint of freshly ground ginger, leaving a lasting impression.



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