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Loch Lomond 46 YO Remarkable Stills Series



This 46-year-old whisky is the 2nd release in the Remarkable Stills series. The series takes inspiration from the unique straight neck pot stills, which were installed at the distillery in 1965 and give the ability to control the style of spirit produced. Distilled in 1974, this liquid started its journey in 1st fill and refilled American Oak casks. After 4 years, the liquid was transferred into a combination of 2nd fill Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks to add additional dried, tropical fruit complexity. A total of 200 bottles were produced for the 2nd release.

Craftsmanship is present from the start of the whisky-making process to the final packaging. The Loch Lomond Distillery emblem is sandblasted onto every bottle and infilled with copper. The bottle is sealed with an embossed wooden cork that contains an engraved metal band. A plaque is constructed from debossed copper and hand-applied at the last stage of production. The bottle is then enclosed in a handmade, beautifully crafted oak wood box that has been stained and combined with a metallic element. Two halves of the pack are joined together to form a graphic depiction of the straight neck pot still.

100% of the spirit for the 2nd release is unpeated spirit from the unique straight neck pot stills. These innovative stills give superior control at the distillation stage, allowing the spirit to be taken off at a higher collection strength. Spirit taken off at this strength has a distinctive fruit character, which has become the Loch Lomond Distillery’s signature and comes to the forefront of this release. Time and nature are then left to work their magic.

TASTING NOTES NOSE Toffee and caramelized sugar with floral notes of rose, peach, mango, and vanilla syrup.

TASTE Opens with juicy ripe pear, fresh orange peel, and sweet melted brown sugar. There is cinnamon and clove spice before dried fruits of raisins and sultanas.

FINISH Long with green fruit, gooseberry, and lime, a toffee sweetness and warming cinnamon and nutmeg spice.

Michael Henry Master Blender

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