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Cognac Jules Gautret 1990 0.7l 44.5%


A luminous hue, ranging between aged gold and warm, brilliant highlights indicative of its beautiful age.

As it reveals itself more on the nose, it unveils an expansive bouquet, heightened by a graceful liveliness and an uncommon intensity.

Once it spreads beneath your palate, it immerses you in its delectable nature, characterized by pastry and delicate spice aromas, harmoniously accented by clove notes. Its wide array of flavors draws from the exceptional vintage of 1990.

This limited edition extends to just 445 bottles.


Carefully selected from the most prestigious eaux-de-vie uncovered by the Gautret house, our range of Vintage Cognacs brings to light exceptional characteristics and crus, each revealing a facet of the ancestral expertise of the Cellar Masters throughout the brand’s history. Each series is available in a strictly limited and numbered edition, bottled at the optimal strength for the respective vintage. Each Vintage Cognac is meticulously packaged by hand in the brand’s iconic bottle—a substantial, extra-white glass “cognaçaise” with deep embossing, adorned with a glass medallion and the Jules Gautret logo. These bottles are elevated with gold screen printing on flowing patterns and a unique numbered label on heavily textured paper, featuring the vintage in raised gold embossing. Sealing is assured by a premium cork and manually applied wax. These exceptional products are presented in a sturdy wooden box (10mm thickness), coated with layers of lacquer to preserve and enhance its appearance with a deep shine. The interior is lined with high-density foam covered in black fabric, which also includes a custom wooden cap in the brand’s colors, designed for use once the product is open, adding to the pleasure of its owner.


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