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Paul John Mithuna 58% 0.7l

Alcohol By Volume: 58%
Mithuna, a distinguished offering from the Paul John Zodiac series, takes its name from the Indian equivalent of the 3rd Zodiac sign, Gemini.

Unpeated and presented without chill-filtration, this expression undergoes maturation in American virgin oak casks, culminating in a finishing touch within ex-bourbon casks.

Imbued with the shades of aged oak, the aromas that unfold are those of sophisticated liquorice, accompanied by the subtle allure of beeswax, ultimately leading to a sumptuous unveiling of ulmo honey on crisply toasted nuances, laced with delicate hints of vanilla. The palate envelops you with rich flavors akin to coffee mocha, the zest of orange peel, and a gentle embrace of spice, all harmoniously balanced on a foundation of active tannins, mingling with tender oils and whispers of dark cocoa. The conclusion resonates with indulgent length and intricate complexity, as a symphony of multi-faceted sugars dances alongside delicate honey notes.

Celebrating the renowned duality of Gemini, this Indian single malt mirrors the interplay of contrasting forces. It deftly weaves austere, dry tannins with luscious sugars and mocha atop delicate oils, painting a mesmerizing portrait of complexity.

Aged oak.

A tapestry of liquorice aromas and the gentle warmth of beeswax, intertwined with the inviting essence of ulmo honey over crisp toasts, accentuated by soft notes of vanilla.

Exploring the palate reveals the lavish richness of coffee mocha, the vibrant zest of orange peel, and the embrace of delicate spice, all carried on the wings of active tannins and embraced by gentle oils, crowned with the subtlety of dark cocoa tones.

Unfolding with grace, the finish persists in complexity, adorned with multi-layered sugars and graceful honey notes that linger delicately.

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