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Paul John Kanya Single Malt 50% 0.7l


Alcohol By Volume: 50%
Originating from the sun-soaked shores of Goa, this unique unpeated variant embodies a delicate purity enhanced by nuances of honeyed fruitiness and a gentle touch of spice.

Guided by Mercury and symbolized by the virgin, Kanya represents the dignified Indian counterpart of the captivating Virgo, the sixth zodiac sign in the celestial array. Infused with an earthy, feminine sensibility, this deep amber rendition embodies the core attributes of the Kanya.

Aged for a span of 7 years in American white oak casks, it emanates delightful scents of zesty spice and tropical fruit that beckon you to indulge in its creamy, butterscotch sweetness. The gratifying finale unveils notes of toasted oak harmoniously intertwined with warm whispers of spice, delicately underscored by a hint of salt, etching a lasting memory.

Bringing together rare intricacies and a masterfully balanced dryness, the Kanya, with its captivating charm, emerges as one of the most delicately textured Indian whiskies ever bottled.

Early notes of light citrus intermingle with the richness of manuka honey; a robust malt presence is artfully blended with the essence of ripe peach, apricot, and vanilla.

Impeccable mouthfeel characterized by opulent creaminess. The oak imparts a gentle, sweet, and utterly delightful butterscotch flavor.

Embracing the palate with a symphony of warm spices woven into toasted oak, a subtle undercurrent of saltiness ensures a warmly inviting conclusion.

An extraordinarily intricate whisky, where the pronounced malt character and meticulously balanced dryness combine to establish this whisky as one of the most velvety Indian expressions to ever grace a bottle.

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