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Milk And Honey Apex Small Bach Sherry cask 53.6% 07l


Introducing the Exquisite Single Malt Whisky
Unveil the world of flavor with each sip of this extraordinary Single Malt Whisky, where every facet tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional maturation.

The journey begins with the aroma of toasted oak, a prelude to the indulgence of dark chocolate that gracefully follows. As the senses delve deeper, delicate notes of dried red fruits emerge, offering a hint of sweetness, while a subtle essence of bergamot adds an alluring dimension.

Upon tasting, the palate is greeted by the comforting nostalgia of shortcrust pastry, a heartwarming reminder of homemade goodness, intertwined with the subtle allure of dried fruit. The symphony of flavors takes a delightful twist as crushed black peppercorns come forward, bestowing a gentle spiciness, which is in perfect harmony with the invigorating zest of freshly peeled lemon.

The finish of this remarkable journey is one of elegance and distinction. Unfurling with grace, it lingers on the palate, evoking a sense of endless exploration. Notes of caramelized sugar weave a touch of sweetness, while the profound essence of black licorice adds an intriguing complexity. Allspice then emerges, bringing a warm embrace that resonates, leaving an enduring memory.

At the heart of this exceptional whisky lies an artful maturation process. The Mediterranean sun bathes each cask, infusing the liquid with a unique character, guided by the careful selection of PX and Oloroso ex-sherry casks. This storied combination imparts a full-bodied sweetness and intricate spiciness, crafting a tapestry of complex aromas that dance upon the senses.

Uncompromising in its integrity, this whisky stands as a testament to authenticity. Bottled in its purest form, it has not undergone chill filtration, preserving its unadulterated nature. Furthermore, no artificial coloring has been added, allowing its natural hues to shine forth. With an alcohol content of 53.6% vol., it embodies a robust and intense spirit, ready to captivate the palate with every nuanced sip.

The Apex series from the esteemed M&H Distillery in Tel Aviv represents an exceptional collection of Single Malt Whiskies, each a testament to the marriage of distinctive craftsmanship and a meticulous selection of casks. As a result, every expression within this series embodies a unique narrative, presenting an array of captivating aromas and flavors that invite you to embark on a remarkable journey through the world of whisky.

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