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Glen Scotia 46 YO (contact us!)

Introducing the Glen Scotia 46-Year-Old Whisky, an extraordinary expression born from the passage of time and the unique climate of Campbeltown. Initially matured in refill bourbon casks, this exceptional spirit was then tenderly nurtured, allowing its character to develop and flourish. In 2011, it was carefully re-casked into first-fill bourbon barrels, where it rested and evolved for an additional six years. Finally, the liquid found its way into a single first-fill oloroso hogshead for a final four-year maturation period. It was bottled at its natural strength of 41.7%, unfiltered and non-chill, to preserve its integrity.

By 1974, Campbeltown’s whisky-making empire had dwindled, and the majority of its local distilleries had faded into history. Those few that remained embarked on a journey of adaptation, embracing a changing world. For Glen Scotia, this period marked the end of a truly special chapter in its history. Distillery Manager Mike Smith and his team meticulously cared for the casks, carrying on a tradition passed down from his father, symbolizing an old-fashioned approach rooted in tradition, care, and craftsmanship.

Today, Distillery Manager & Master Distiller Iain McAlister continues the legacy, honoring the exceptional character of these cherished casks and ensuring an outstanding final result.

An Exceptional Edition to Any Collection:
The Glen Scotia 46-Year-Old is presented in a meticulously crafted, handmade oak display case, sourced sustainably. A unique oak tile beneath the bottle proudly displays an engraved plaque with the individual bottle number, tasting notes, and the captivating story of this incredible single malt whisky. In collaboration with Glencairn, each bottle is tastefully etched and infilled, adorned with a gold metallic coin bearing the traditional Glen Scotia knot. The presentation is completed with a substantial metal stopper, showcasing the utmost attention to detail. Only 150 individually numbered bottles are available worldwide.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Immerse yourself in a tapestry of rich dried fruits and citrus peel, harmoniously balanced with the indulgent sweetness of thick toffee. Experience the invigorating essence of ocean sea spray intertwined with fresh vanilla.

Taste: Delight in a velvet mouthfeel that caresses the palate, revealing layers of melted brown sugar and golden caramel. The lusciousness continues with the flavors of baked apple, poached pear in vanilla syrup, and delicate notes of orange citrus.

Finish: Immerse yourself in a long and lingering maritime finish, where sea salt mingles with waves of comforting cinnamon and nutmeg spice, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and satisfaction.


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