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Glen Scotia 18yo Single Malt 0.7l 46%


Historical records stretching back to the 1800s provide evidence that Campbeltown, akin to much of Scotland, has maintained an enduring affection for the utilization of sherry casks in the maturation of whisky. Given its advantageous placement on Scotland’s western coast and its proximity to the maritime trade routes of the era, it’s only natural that Campbeltown would have had privileged access to some of the world’s finest sherry casks. Thus, it’s quite fitting that the Glen Scotia 18-year-old, one of our most venerable and refined offerings, enjoys a generous twelve-month refinement period in Oloroso sherry casks. This infusion imparts a floral sweetness that gracefully complements our esteemed distillery character, which remains ever-present beneath. A truly exceptional single malt whisky, it matures for 17 years in refill bourbon casks and refill American Oak hogsheads.

Handpicked by our Master Blender, only the choicest casks are selected, harmoniously united for a year-long finale in first-fill Oloroso casks. Unburdened by peat, this expression emanates an aromatic elegance with floral hints, a dash of sea spray, and a touch of spice.

Tasting Notes:


An air of sophistication, adorned with a refreshing brininess, fragrant floral nuances, the allure of sweet honey, and the seductive allure of salted caramel.


Exceedingly smooth and luxuriously rich on the palate, featuring fruity layers and a sumptuous bed of thick, sweet toffee. Anticipate the playful presence of apricots, pineapple, and plump sultanas, accompanied by a gentle, embracing warmth of spice throughout.


Prolonged and arid, underscored by a kindly embrace of warming spice.


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