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ARMORIK 10 YO Single Malt Dervenn 0.7l 46%


Armorik Dervenn 10 Ans Released on July 6, 2022

46% – 70cl Maturation: 10 years in new Breton oak casks Availability: Limited edition – 2000 bottles

“Dervenn” translates to oak in Breton, and for two decades, our distillery has been at the forefront of innovation, collaborating with Jean-Baptiste Le Floc’h, the last Breton cooper, and the ONF (National Forestry Commission), to craft oak casks from our exquisite Breton forests. Every year, some of our whiskies are matured in these unique casks, allowing us to infuse the essence of the Breton terroir into our expressions.

With Armorik Dervenn, we have carefully selected these special casks to capture the quintessence of our beautiful region. This exceptional whisky develops subtle woody and spicy aromas, enhancing the inherent richness and fruity character of Armorik’s distillate.

After a brief hiatus, Armorik Dervenn returns in a 10-year-old version, presented as a limited edition of 2000 bottles in 2022.

Nose: The nose offers a powerful and complex experience, a delightful combination of honeyed pastries and passion fruit. Empyreumatic notes of leather and caramelized sugar intertwine with the allure of cinnamon.

Palate: The richness observed in the nose beautifully translates to the palate. The initial attack is honeyed, showcasing an intensified sweetness. The empyreumatic notes persist, evolving into flavors of liquorice and figs, creating an exceptional volume that captivates the senses.

Finish: The finish is remarkably long and spicy, unveiling the whisky’s smoky essence, which seamlessly merges with the fruitiness of the distillate. Armorik Dervenn 10 Ans masterfully embodies the true essence of Breton craftsmanship, offering a truly remarkable and captivating whisky experience.


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