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ARMORIK 10 YO Single Malt 0.7l 46%


Armorik 10 ans – édition 2023 Released on March 24, 2023

46% – 70cl Maturation: Bourbon and Sherry Casks Availability: Limited edition – 5000 bottles

Following the successful launch of the first Armorik 10 Years Old, we are delighted to unveil the extended possibilities of our precious casks. This new edition of Armorik 10 Years Old proudly showcases the expertise of our Master Blender and our 25-year-long mastery in aging single malt whisky.

Recipient of the esteemed title “Best French Whisky” at the World Whiskies Awards in 2020 and 2022.

Nose: Expressive and indulgent, the nose opens up with a delightful array of fruits, while retaining its invigorating freshness. Notes of apricot, muscat, and mango take the lead, followed by gourmet hints of grilled almonds and candied orange. A subtle touch of tobacco adds an enticing complexity.

Palate: The palate is a captivating interplay of freshness and roundness, expertly emphasizing Armorik’s fruity essence with flavors of yellow peach and exotic fruits. Gradually, a sweet symphony unfolds, with notes of honey, maple syrup, and orange blossom lending their charm.

Finish: The finish is notably long and floral, with the alluring essence of jasmine. It gracefully dances between spicy and slightly smoky notes, leaving a memorable impression that lingers on the palate.


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