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Bladnoch Dragon Series 5 Bottles


Sells in a set of 5 different iterations.

Bladnoch stands as the world’s oldest privately owned Scotch whisky distillery, its legacy still flowing seamlessly since 1817.

The rich heritage of Bladnoch traces its origins to John and Thomas McClelland, who were granted the esteemed license to distil whisky on their Bladnoch farm in Scotland’s Lowlands. Over nearly a century, successive McClelland generations nurtured and modernized the distillery. At its zenith, the site boasted six washbacks and an annual production of approximately 230,000 liters of alcohol, solidifying its stature as the “Queen of the Lowlands.”


Dr. Nick Savage assumed the role of Master Distiller at Bladnoch Distillery in 2019, arriving from The Macallan with an impressive background.

Having spent four years in Australia completing his PhD, Nick maintains a profound connection with Bladnoch Distillery’s Scottish and Australian roots. Throughout his career, Nick’s unyielding pursuit of perfection has positioned him as an industry luminary, ensuring the continual excellence of Bladnoch’s Single Malts.

“The Bladnoch team’s unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality is what makes me incredibly thrilled to contribute to the extraordinary future of Bladnoch Distillery.”

The Dragon Series draws parallels with the intricate nature of whisky production, unveiling the expansive variability inherent in the process—an apparent tapestry of chaos and unpredictability. However, harnessing the skills, knowledge, and expertise of today’s craftsmen, as well as the legacy passed down through generations, ensures each golden iteration culminates in a beautifully crafted whisky.

Iteration V shifts focus to the heart of whisky creation—the sample room—where critical decisions shaping our final products unfold. Here, every bit of variability and unpredictability is meticulously weighed, safeguarding tomorrow’s interests while harmonizing today’s demands for a consistent and sustainable experience for all. These final steps encapsulate the complexity encountered thus far, simplifying it with innovative opportunities and the adeptness to curate flexibly maturing stocks. The goal remains to ensure that the fluctuations and unpredictability encountered in the process curve until this point go unnoticed when the right decisions are made.


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